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Remove skin tags, small moles, sun spots, age spots (hyperpigmentation), warts, cherry angiomas,                                                         cholesterol deposits and more with CryoClear!

How long will it take to see results?

Your treated area will immediately turn red and you might experience some tingling or itching for a few hours after treatment. The treatment site will remain dark for about 10 days when your body will "slough"

off dead tissue. Next, you will see pink healthy tissue which will return to your normal skin color in a few weeks. In some cases, it take 4-6 weeks for normal pigmentation to return.

Post-Treatment: What to Expect

CryoClear causes the lesion to go through 4 stages before the final result:

  • First 24 hours the treated lesion will become red, might experience some tingling or itching
  • Second phase (1-4 days), the lesion darkens  
  • Third phase (5-14 days), dark area can exfoliate and fall off  
  • The final phase (usually 14-28 days), pink  healthy skin replaces dark area 

How it works

CryoClear works by spraying Carbon Dioxide onto the skin, which freezes superficially at -79 C where only epidermal layers are treated. Because of CryoClear's shallow but effective depth of freeze. CryoClear greatly minimizes the risk of blistering, scarring and hypopigmentation that is usually associated with colder forms of cryotherapy. In as little as one treatment, CryoClear can treat indications such as skin tags, age spots, sun spots and more on sensitive areas like the face, neck and hands. Safe for people with sensitive skin.

Post Treatment Instructions

  • Apply soothing, fragrance free moisturizer two times per day for 14 days after treatment. No scrubs
  • Limit sun exposure at least for 2 weeks after treatment and use mineral sunscreen SPF 30+
  • Do not pick or scratch the treated area
  • ​Avoid hot bathing/saunas for first 2 weeks. Swimming is permitted.

Skin Tag          $50-$80  single treatment

Dark Spots      $60-$80  single treatment

Multiple Treatment Discounts Available


Treating the skin with extreme cold temperatures has existed in the medical practice for over 100 years to remove skin tags and dark spots  using a safe spray of cold, dry ice called Carbon Dioxide. The use of Carbon Dioxide as a form of cryotherapy has been the focus of hundreds of studies and has been clinically proven to be safe and effective on a wide range of benign skin lesions.